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Why K-Store is the choice for your WMS

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Why is K-Store the choice for your WMS?

Warehouse management systems are developed to make managing warehouse’s easier. Our system was developed to help companies take control of their stock and track the picking processes.

Our system improves performance

  • Improve your pick rates
  • Eliminates time wastage and cuts excess inventory
  • Accurate put-away and location of inventory
  • Improves labour performance
  • Improves performance in pick, put-away, stock control and despatch

Is simple and cost effective

  • Simple, low cost solution to manage your warehouse
  • K-store, a fraction of the cost
  • Low cost solution with improved performance

Manage your warehouse

  • Synchronise and control the movement of goods in your warehouse
  • Full reporting and efficiency statistics on labour management
  • Supports the managerial role
  • Manage thousands of products each with traceability, location and functionality
  • Move from paper or manual based systems to K-store

Accuracy and Control

  • Gives you the control you need to efficiently operate your warehouse
  • Accurate and real time reporting
  • Gives you control and management of your warehouse
  • Allows you to evaluate performance
  • Provides full traceability and visibility of all inventory
  • Improved data accuracy and reporting

For more information about our K-Store system then contact us today and learn about how our systems will improve your productivity.

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