K-Store Solutions

K-Store Solutions

“K-Store innovatively combines the benefits of barcode technology with information management software to create a simple, low cost solution to manage your warehouse.” K-Store is a low cost software solution that enables you to better manage your warehouse. K-Store focuses on the core processes of the warehouse or distribution centre, managing:

K-Store integrates into your current warehouse set-up and is run on simple desk top PC stations. K-store brings you, improved performance management of your warehouse, simple and cost effective accuracy and control.

K-Store solutions

Software and systems integrated

K-Store provides a software solution for managing warehouse and distribution operations. Working with the company the team at K-Store will then tailor the software to meet the specific requirements of your system and then integrate the system with your current business systems. This means that the orders and picking can be integrated to a business management or accounts program so that K-Store works as part of your overall system.

Typically this maybe a warehouse picking system with stock rotation and management of your stock around a warehouse. If you need remote scanners and a wireless network installation then K-Store can source and install any needed parts to make the new system work. We will then carry out training sessions with your team so that the hand over is a success.

Integration is at the centre of what K-Store offer and our onsite experience has come from many years of installation and commissioning.

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