Warehouse Picking System

Warehouse Picking System

Manage your picking process, order picking and stock rotation

Warehouse management system

K-store’s order picking process already implemented in leading companies across the UK, increase your warehouse efficiency with direct K-Store Picking. Management of pickers including zonal or pick routing to make the pick process as efficient as possible.

Manual pick – Allows the picker to choose what location to pick the product from.

Pick routing – K-store identifies the most efficient manual pick route, allowing the picker to use the most efficient route to pick.

Batch picking – enables the picker to pick mulit-part orders from one location increasing the efficiency and speed of a pick.

Automatic order fulfilment – Orders assigned to picking zones for efficient picking operation and consignment offering the most efficient picking operation.

Need picker and picking analysis?

Our reporting system allows reports on efficiency and picking rates, to allow you to run analysis on the companies warehouse performance. Our reporting can be made to suit your companies needs allowing a bespoke report to be run for management analysis.

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