Picking System

Picking System

K-Store’s order picking process can increase your warehouse efficiency with direct K-Store Picking. Whether you need fully paperless picking or automated picking with paper order confirmations, K-Store can offer a fully integrated picking solution that will suit any warehouse or distribution centre’s needs. Our picking management module has been designed from over 25 years experience in the automated warehouse industry, bring the experience and new technology together to manage your warehouse. K-Stores electronic picking system for warehouses and distribution centre’s features:

Pick routing – K-Store identifies the most efficient manual pick route, allowing the picker to use the most efficient route to pick.

Batch picking – Enables the picker to pick mulit-part orders from one location increasing the efficiency and speed of a pick.

Automatic order fulfilment – Orders assigned to picking zones for efficient picking operation and consignment offering the most efficient picking operation.

Manual pick override – Allows the picker to choose what location to pick the product from.

Picker analysis – The system can give your business valuable insights into the effectiveness of each person in the warehouse.

Traceability – Using our traceability functions each item can be traced back to the source, day and handlers of items. So that you can find any issues.

If you would like to know more about how K-Store’s picking module can work with your system then please contact us today and we would be happy to discuss with you, your requirements. Whatch the K-Store video here.

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