Manage your warehouse

Manage your warehouse

Giving you all the tools you need to manage your warehouse

K-Store was initially designed to give you the tools you need to manage your warehouse. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of the warehouse through the goods in, product put away, stock control, picking and despatch processes.

To effectively manage your warehouse you need the right tools. K-Store brings the simplest most effective warehouse management system to your warehouse.

  • Full tracking, from the moment any goods enter your warehouse you will be able to individually and uniquely track each roduct throughout the warehouse. This includes quantities in your warehouse, their locations, stock levels at the Picking interface, reorder identification, right through to the moment the product leaves the warehouse.
  • Innovatively combining bar code technology with information management software means using K-store you can quarantine damaged goods, measure stock levels, locate any product and manage the pick process.
  • K-Store automatically creates your most efficient pick route, meaning picking times can be cut dramatically.

The system effectively manages your picking staff.

Manage your warehouse

  • Synchronise and control the movement of goods in your warehouse
  • Full reporting and efficiency statistics on labour management
  • Supports the managerial role see how?
  • Manage thousands of products each with traceability, location and functionality
  • Move from paper or manual based systems to K-Store see how?

Supporting the managerial role

A WMS may be designed to replace a warehouse manager, K-Store is simply designed to support the management involved in operating a warehouse. You play a key role in making K-Store work for your business. K-store gives you the information required to know,

  • what product is where in your warehouse
  • when it came in
  • when it went out
  • who moved it
  • where it is in the operation
  • is it being sorted, re-sorted or despatched
  • and much more

K-Store was designed to support you in managing your warehouse. It innovatively gives you the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage your warehouse.

Moving from paper and manual led management systems to K-Store Unlike paper based and manual led management applications K-Store gives you the technology you need to effectively manage your warehouse. Where you may currently rely on someone imputing data lists and recording product codes K-Store takes complete control using bar code technology.

Benefits of using K-Store

  • remove data inaccuracy
  • track each product
  • manage stock levels
  • remove picking error
  • improve picking performance
  • route picking
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