Accuracy and Control

Accuracy and Control

K-Store – Accuracy and Reporting in the warehouse

Using accurate and innovative bar code technology each product can be accurately recorded giving you complete control over your warehouse.

Reduce data inaccuracies – Bar code technology means accurate data entry and monitoring.

Improving speed – scanning in products reduces the time traditionally spent typing a product number or data entry into a spreadsheet.

Accessing reports – K-Store quickly compiles comprehensive reports on the movements in your warehouse, allowing you to monitor and improve performance.

Performance management

Every movement, location and pick is accurately recorded and monitored giving you full control for measurement and evaluation of performance. This allows you to accurately measure performance at each stage of your operation.

Recording and improving performance

Within a paper or spreadsheet operated warehouse you may notice areas where performance could be improved, but finding out exactly where performance is poor, or where bottle necks occur can be difficult. K-Store reporting gives you the tools you need to effectively monitor the performance of suppliers, pickers, staff, storage and equipment.

Meeting customer demands

The driving force of meeting customer demand means warehouses constantly have to re-evaluate and improve their offer.

Next day delivery and complex ordering requires effective management systems. K-Store offers you a simple, low cost solution to manage your warehouse, allowing you to create a warehouse flexible and efficient enough to meet customer demand.

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