Order Picking Methods July 5th, 2016

Out of all the processes going on in your warehouse, order picking has to be one of the most important. As a general rule, you’ll always have more outbound orders than inbound orders, so an optimised picking method is very important indeed. Furthermore, owing to the fact that the picking method you use will directly […]

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New K-Store V3 Promo May 10th, 2012

We at K-Store warehouse management system have put up the new K-Store V3 promo. It demonstrates some of the key features on how K-Store will work to automate your warehouse.

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Pick-by-Voice picking system April 11th, 2012

Integrating Pick-by-Voice with K-Store warehouse management system allows your picking operators to have both hands free for picking. This means that the efficiency in some instances can be increased and also allows more care as both hands can be used for picking items.

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