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Pick-by-Voice picking system

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Integrating Pick-by-Voice with K-Store warehouse management system allows your picking operators to have both hands free for picking. This means that the efficiency in some instances can be increased and also allows more care as both hands can be used for picking items.

How it works

The operator wears the headphone and mic headset which is connected wirelessly to the system. Once items are ready to be picked and the K-Store system has worked out which orders to run, the instructions are sent to the operator through the headphones. This is then check with the response from the operator so that the system checks whether they have understood the instruction.

How Pick-by-Voice works

Speech recognition and speech synthesis makes it possible for the picker to communicate with the warehouse management system. The picker would ware a headset and microphone that talks to the system using wireless connections. The picking instructions are sent to the picker and heard then the response of items picked is spoken and the the action confirmed with the system. This means that the system knows what’s been picked and checks it against the order.

The benefits include having a real-time working system that knows what items and orders have been picked and are available, allowing real-time stock updates.

Questions such as does it work in a noisy environment and does it work in cold working conditions are answered on our page about Pick-by-Voice systems.

Other options of scanners are available that allow the move from paper based systems to automated picking solutions. These can include hand scanners, arm scanners and other solutions. Moving from a paper based picking system to an automated picking system will allow your operation to see huge efficiency and accuracy improvements. If you would like to know more then please contact us today to find out how to make the move to automated picking systems.

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