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Hands free arm scanners

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We have created two pages for resources about hands-free barcode scanners and voice picking systems. These allow the pickers in the warehouse to have both hands free so that carrying items is easier and better safety can sometimes be achieved as both hands are free.

Having both hands free also means that larger items can be picked and moved without picking up and putting down the scanners. Hands-free barcode scanners can be fitted to the operators arm and allow quick scanning of barcodes. The data of items to be picked is displayed on the screen allowing quick access to the information that they need. Voice picking operations also allow for hands-free operations. Using a pick-to-voice system allows the instructions to be sent from K-Store to the picker and confirmation received with a microphone input.

The real time communication between the scanners and K-Store system means that real time stock levels can be shown and reports used to inform descitions about stock and sales.

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