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Frequently asked questions about K-Store

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We thought it would be good to answer some frequently asked questions about K-Store warehouse management system. Below are some questions we are often asked and responses that best answer the question. If you have a question please feel free to ask us.

Will K-Store suit my business?

K-Store manages the warehouse and distribution centre. If your business moves or stores stock then K-Store will be an essential part of your storage and distribution.

Will K-Store integrate with my current system?

K-Store is designed with integration inmind from it’s outset. As a team we wanted to build a software product that was flexible enough to work with a wide variety of business systems. K-Store also has been integrated with automation equipment in the warehouse such as barcode scanners, label applicators, printers and scanning systems.

How can K-Store help me save money?

K-Store allows an investment in the software and hardware to increase throughput, improve your pick rate, improve data capture, manage stock movement and control, and reduce wastage. All this leads to a return on investment typically within a few months of implementation.

Can K-Store help me improve performance?

K-Store has a proven track record of directly improving warehouse performance.

K-Store has:

  • Directly improved pick rates
  • Improved throughput
  • Improved data accuracy

This works through the 5 key stages of K-Store.

K-Store managed good in to bring stock into the warehouse.

K-Store putaway allows your products to be located in the most efficient space in your warehouse.

K-Store stock control gives your control and full information management over the activities in your warehouse.

K-Store picking improves efficiencies by over 300%, giving efficient pick routes and accuracy of picking.

K-Store despatch controls the despatch process.

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