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Arm mounted scanners

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K-Store has updated it’s arm mounted scaner integration. Making picking more effective allowing the picker to view the items to be picked and scan the items with minimun effort.

These scanners communicate directly with the system to effectively direct the picker and minimise error. The fact that the scanners are arm mounted allows the picker to pick with both hands, and check each order directly against the system for accuracy. The system automatically directs the most cost effective route minimising time wastage for example when a picker visits an area to pick twice when they could have picked in one visit.

Arm mounted barcode scanners also allow for real time stock and picking control, giving greater efficiency and control. The system also gives an opportunity for reports on individual picker efficiencies.

For more information on arm mounted scanners view the post on the Keymas website.

The scanners read the barcodes on the box and the items allowing real time stock picking and maximun control.

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