3rd party warehouse management software

K-Store can be used as 3rd party warehouse management software. Meaning that it can be implemented with your current warehouse operation. K-store is designed with full integration and compatibility in mind. It can process data between your current software and the K-store system. K-store also integrates with equipment already in place in your warehouse. Whether they are conveyors, elevators, wrappers, printers the system will work with your current warehouse.

K-store can run on networked PC’s meaning that no expensive IT integration is needed and that it has a low cost of maintenance.

One of the keys to the success of K-store is its simplicity. Whereas big Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) aim to integrate highly complex invoicing systems, customer management data, and time consuming accounting algorithms. K-store focuses on the essential functions of the warehouse. Goods in, Product put away, Stock control, Picking, Despatch.

Focusing on the essential functions in the warehouse K-store can efficiently provide a low cost and simple solution to Managing your warehouse or distribution centre.

So K-store is the 3rd party warehouse management software of choice.

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