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Warehouse Management System K-Store

A System to Manage your warehouse, picking and stock rotation

K-Store innovatively combines the benefits of barcode technology with warehouse management software to create a solution to manage your warehouse. Speak to one of our experienced warehouse system experts on 01384 401162 to find out how K-Store can work for your warehouse setup.

K-store can integrate into your current warehouse set-up and is run in the cloud or on PC stations. Read our page on why use k-Store warehouse management system.

Improve warehouse efficiency, monitor and optimise performance, increase accuracy and control in your warehouse operation allowing seamless integration with your current business system. Our warehouse system focuses on the core processes of the warehouse or distribution centre, managing in the Goods in, Product put away, Stock control, Orders, Picking and Despatch.

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Download the K-Store brochure, to find out more about our system to manage your warehouse.
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View videos, case studies and white papers about warehouse management systms and how K-Store is the solution for your business.
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Why use K-Store as your warehouse management system

K-Store uses state of the art technology and software programming to create a simple to use warehouse application to improve the performance of your warehouse.

Stock rotation is a critical part of keeping stock moving through the logistics chain. The K-Store system provides a stock rotation solution that has been used to transform warehouses into efficient systems. Giving you the control you need to efficiently operate your warehouse with accurate and real time reporting. Evaluate performance and have full traceability and visibility of all inventory in the warehouse with our improved data accuracy and reporting features.

Already working in warehouse sites around the UK K-Store WMS system improves performance and improve's your pick rates. Eliminates time wastage and cuts excess inventory. Get accurate put-away and location of inventory. Improve labour performance. Improves performance in pick, put-away, stock control and despatch. K-Store is also suited as pallet management software.

K-Store is specifically designed to meet the needs of the warehouse through the goods in, product put away, stock control, picking and despatch processes, to effectively manage your warehouse. K-store brings the simplest most effective warehouse management system to your warehouse.

Our modular approach means that the software can grow with your warehouse operation. K-Store can be implemented as a picking system, to stock rotation management, through to a full warehouse management system. Giving a growth option as your system scales. K-Store can manage your system.

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