Pick by Voice picking system

Pick by Voice picking system

Integrating Pick-by-Voice with K-Store allows instructions to be sent through headphones and microphones to the operators of the picking system. This allows both hands to be free to increase the care and efficiency of the picker when picking the orders that they are sent. Other ways of allowing both hands to be free can be seen on our arm scanners page. Using wireless terminals the voice picking system allows pickers to pick by voice instructions into their headphones.


The responses back to the system can be taken by microphone meaning that the operator doesn’t need to key in any data, they simply speak and record the amounts of products retrieved. This can streamline the operation and the picker doesn’t have to stop to enter data, which can lead to productivity increases.

For other ways of having hands free scanners would be to use arm scanners. More information can be found on our arm scanner page.

How Pick-by-Voice works

Speech recognition and speech synthesis makes it possible for the picker to communicate with the warehouse management system. The picker would ware a headset and microphone that talks to the system using wireless connections. The picking instructions are sent to the picker and heard then the response of items picked is spoken and the the action confirmed with the system.


Real time communication allows the system to have real time stock updates. Meaning that information about the stock levels are current and accurate.

Hands free system mean that productivity is increased and care with handling items is also increase having both hands free to pick items. This also means that safety can be improved as both hands are free.

Paperless picking can be achieved as all the operation is carried out electrically (if needed) without the need for printed picking lists.


Q. Does voice picking work in warehouses with a noisy environment?

A. Yes, our wireless voice picking headsets are designed for use in the warehouse environment meaning, they are currently used successfully in many warehouses and designed with the warehouse in mind.

Q. Can Pick-by-Voice systems be used in cold freezer environment’s?

A. Yes, the system’s have been used in freezer environment’s and the equipment can cope with very low temperatures. In some cases the Pick-by-Voice system can help in cold warehouses as gloves can be worn without hampering the picker as they go about their picking.

Q. How does the picking rates compare to a paper based system?

A. The picking rates by using a picking system compared paper based, can be huge. Improvements of over 90% in accuracy in the warehouse picking have been noted.

For more information about Pick-by-Voice or Pick-to-Voice systems please contact us and we would be happy to talk with you about the best WMS picking solution for your warehouse or distribution centre.

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